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Parent Teacher Association

The Parent Teacher Association of Humanities Preparatory Academy is a volunteer organization consisting of parents, guardians, teachers and administrators within our school. Everyone is welcome to join and there are no rules nor papers to fill out in order to participate. 


Our mission is to offer opportunities to lend talents, time, and support to the ongoing education and emotional/social well-being of the entire school community.  We strive to cultivate community participation, programs, and funding needed to sustain a rich learning environment for our children.

We understand that different families can contribute in different ways and we offer a variety of opportunities to contribute.  We strive to have 100% participation from our school families and have a range of opportunities, from giving a monthly financial pledge to helping organize and/or volunteer at events, from getting donations for raffles to contributing your personal expertise.  There is something for everyone. 


Together, we work to encourage collaboration in our children’s education; to organize and raise funds for activities, enrichment programs and capital improvements; and to facilitate communication and a cooperative working relationship between the families and the staff of our school.


Below are members of the Executive Board:

President – Anina Young
Vice-President - Alex Levinsohn
Co-Treasurers – Betty Crosa, Jessica Cuttone
Co-Secretaries – Nina Miller, Barbara Williams
Members-at-Large - Elbia Cabral, Daniella Gandolfo, Gabrielle Gregory
If you have any questions please email: [email protected]
Guest Speakers:
January - Elevate
February - Alec Miller, PhD.
March - TCAC
April - SYEP
May - Elections
June - TBD
See emails prior to meetings for more details.
Please contact the Main Office if you have not received the Zoom link within one day prior to the Zoom meetings.