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Teen Press Conference 2018-2019
Humanities Prep students attended the Teen Press Conference at the 92Y organized by The National Book Foundation on Tuesday, November 13 from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. Students met the five finalists of the young adult fiction category for the National Book Awards, a prestigious award that authors have received for the last 69 years! They heard the finalists read from their novels and had a special opportunity to ask questions to the authors during the Q&A session. Each school was assigned to read one of books from the five finalists. At the end of the event students get their books personalized by their corresponding author. The Teen Press Conference is a great opportunity for students to meet authors, get to talk to them one on one and read books where they see themselves represented. Our students got the honor to meet Elizabeth Acevedo, the winner of the national book awards (we didn’t know at the time). We read her debut novel, The Poet X which is about a LatinX student, Xiomara Batista who grows up in Harlem and uses poetry to cope with the world around her.
Author Series 2018-19
 Humanities Prep's very own teacher Leslie Martinez has spearheaded an initiative to encourage students to read and write by giving them the space to meet and have discussions with authors. This year we were excited to welcome our first author Ashley Woodfolk who wrote The Beauty That Remains.
 This year we have already welcomed three authors: Jason Reynolds, Sarah Moon, and Keely Hutton. We have a few more authors in the works for this year, including David Barclay Moore. He wrote The Stars Beneath Our Feet.
For Jason Reynolds' visit, he discussed his new novel, Low Way Down as well as his other novels. He took questions about his writing process and his books from students.
Around 20 teachers and students had an intimate conversation with Sarah Moon on her book Sparrow.
I felt lucky meeting Sarah Moon. Yailyn Peralta

— Yailyn P, Class of 2019
This was actually something new for me. I actually never met a author of a book I read. Sarah Moon is very interesting author and I would like to read more of her book. I don’t read books often so this book Sparrow made me actually sit down and think...I should start picking books that actually catch my eye just like Sparrow. So thank you for allow students in Humanities Prep (me) read this amazing book.
— Janella S, Class of 2020
I’m very happy to have met her. I feel like she’s a great writer. She answered all my questions. She told us her writing thoughts, and what it took to write her book. I never met an author before but I’m happy she was the first. I’m now looking forward to meeting more. I’m also looking forward to reading her other books.
— Lizbeth T, Class of 2020
Meeting Sarah was a good experience. The book was great and the way she answers our questions isn’t like now any other author would answer. I would like to have this experience again in the future.
— Ashlee S, Class of 2021
I was feeling so excited and nervous. When I was asking her questions I was nervous because I usually the type who loves to ask questions and all to the point where I can annoy. So one thing I would change is to try to let the other students to try to ask questions. My favorite part was when I came up to her to sign my book. I also told her to give her an advice for to become a writter like her since I’m bad at writing and she said ‘Ndeye, keep writing and asking questions!’
— Ndeye D., Class of 2021
Keely Hutton's book Soldier Boy recounts the true story of Ricky Richard Anywar, abducted in 1989 at age fourteen by Joseph Kony’s rebel army in the Ugandan civil war (one of Africa’s longest-running conflicts). During her presentation and Q&A, Keely shared a message with the students from Ricky himself. It was really inspiring to our students to hear from Ricky. He is a passionate, happy, optimistic man, and a true inspiration to our students.
Saltz Interns at AMNH
Congratulations to our Saltz interns! The Saltz Internship Program is an intensive learning and work experience through the American Museum of Natural History. Participating in the Saltz Internship Program is an opportunity for our students to meet Museum personnel, explore scientific content, learn valuable skills for working with and teaching learners of all ages, and have an impact on the experiences of thousands of Museum visitors.
The following students were accepted:
Andy A (Class of 2020)
Paris Glass (Class of 2022)
Kickoff to College - For Juniors
Start thinking about college with college tours and discussions. For all Juniors - January 30th to February 26th, 2018